Top 5 Performance Metrics for Improving Sales

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Sales might not be for everyone. But when you own a business that is based on sales by a team, you might want to read the following points. It will show you how important your team is, what you can do to increase your sales and how to keep an amazing team.

  1. Meetings Requested vs. Meetings Booked

Waiting for requests for meetings can be a point in losing sales. If people are not pushed enough, you can wait forever for a meeting. Actively going after potential clients and trying to get meetings booked is a better way. Add more energy in phone calls and emails with potential customers to book a meeting is the way to go.

Point is though, that these phone calls and emails have to be properly set up. Using correct sales pitches in phone calls might turn potential clients around to have a meeting. As is the case with the right words used in an email. Drawing in the clients with the proper words is the thing what sales is all about.

  1. Meetings Booked vs. Deals Closed

When the meetings are booked and the potential clients turn up, you haven’t really sealed any deal, yet. That’s where the right sales closing tactics, skills and pitches come in to play. Training your team of sales reps to use the correct tools during a meeting will be the way that seals deals. Knowledge about the products, negotiation skills and great presentations can be taught to anyone.

Investing in coaching and training of a team is necessary. This will eventually be worth it, due to the fact that a great team helps any business to sell the products.

  1. Accounts Created vs. Average Deal Size

To increase the amount of money that is involved in certain accounts and deals is another point of interest for any business. It is always great to close a vast amount of deals, but what if the deal sizes are low? In the end, you will earn from it, but it might be more profitable to get a few bigger deals than a lot of smaller ones.

This, depending on the sales products, can be improved by the sales team. Up-selling can be a great tool to sell more in one deal. Negotiating skills and sales skills are not easy, but can be learned by the team.

  1. Relationship Win-Rate

Internal communication within the team is certainly not a thing that should be overlooked. Your team members can be individually the best sales people, but they have to be able to work in a team, communicate, be critical and learn from each other.

Team building and getting the right people in your team can be tricky, it will need time to see how the members are working with each other, but it is a point that should be monitored. A great team sells and will improve future sales because they have each other to lean on and also have fun with. A team that consists only of ‘individuals’ is not a real team.

  1. Vertical Win-Rate

As the above-mentioned ‘horizontal win-rate’, the vertical win-rate is just as important. The team supervisors and leaders have to closely work together with the sales team members in order to improve skills and sales. Not only the members that need help in improving their skills need attention, but also the members that are doing a great job.

Good sales people might have a lot of ideas and tricks to improve sales that might be very interesting for others, and the company itself. Using the skills that are present, at the sales floor, is a great way to improve the team and your sales.

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