Personal Branding Coaching for High Performers

The SellPersonal Branding Coaching class is an intense, hands-on experience that will carefully guide you through the necessary steps to shift your personal brand into a “machine” where you will earn more by doing less busy-work.

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    A live one-on-one personal branding program. You’ll be carefully guided through the exact steps necessary to earn what you’re worth by systemizing your personal brand.

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    16 coaching calls customized for you, with Christien Louviere, to systemize your personal brand (calls approx. 30 minutes each)

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    Join the high performers in our Private Slack Group who have made the commitment to install the personal branding structure that is taking them to the next level.

What We’ll Cover Over 3 Months

  1. Change Your Mindset – The Business of You
  2. Change Your Mindset – Preparing for the Moments
  3. Change Your Mindset – Understanding the Difference between Passion, Purpose and Goals
  4. Change Your Mindset – You As a System
  5. Personal Brand Pillar #1 – Build
  6. Personal Brand Pillar #2 – Maintain
  7. Personal Brand Pillar #3 – Automate
  8. Use Your Skills to Define Your Expertise
  9. Be an Apprentice
  10. Solve Problems
  11. Security – Define Your Halos
  12. Security – Define Your Worst Case Scenarios
  13. Think Like a Sales Professional, Not a Car Salesman
  14. Focus on Being Present
  15. Understanding & Avoiding Human Engineered Chaos
  16. Recongizing the Moment


per month for 3 Months
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Q: How is the One-on-One Coaching Program different than the Self-Guided Course? The One-on-One program takes you through the nuts and bolts of actually implementing the processes to run your personal brand at a fast pace. The Self-Guided Course is primarily focused on letting you learn and implement the SellPersonal System at your own pace. The One-on-One program is heavily personalized for you. Christien actually holds personal calls with you.

Q: How do the 16 Coaching calls work? Christien will be available to meet with you one-on-one whenever you arrange to meet with him. He will help you build an implement the SellPersonal Branding System, hold you accountable to your procedure project plan… as well as help you through any other problem you face during your transformation. Each call will be 25 – 50 minutes.

Q: What if I want to hire SellPersonal for longer than 3 months? Great! You can extend your personal coaching in 3 month increments.

Q: Why should I do this? You have a personal brand because you have a reputation. As we increasingly move towards a free agency economy and more of us are freelancing, it is vital that you own your personal brand to ensure that you are always employed and also earn what you are worth.