Why can’t you excel past your
Because as of 2017, there are...
  • Over 3 million blog posts per minute
  • More than 50 million active small business pages on Facebook
  • Too many small business using Twitter (93%) and LinkedIn (67%) for subpar marketing that just makes noise
  • 95 million photos posted to Instagram every day
  • 400 million stories created per day on Snapchat
How do busy, successful, dynamic thought leaders excel past their competition?

1) They don’t waste time writing content that their audience doesn’t care about.

2) They find and organize data so that they only write content that their audience is already searching for.

3) Then they create content to meet that need.

Your competition is writing better content, and they’re distributing it faster because they’re leveraging data to properly do so.

SellPersonal will help you find the right topics to write about, who the influencers are in your industry and how to reach the influencers to share your content.