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The most overlooked and underutilized resource that most companies have is their email list. Our Done-For-You Email Drip Funnel is an automated email marketing campaign that sends all of your sales leads content on a scheduled basis. By automating the process, you can not only save time, you can also increase the conversion rates of your marketing campaign by staying in touch with prospects frequently throughout the sales cycle.

An email drip funnel is the perfect automated sales machine. It tells your customers exactly what they need to know. It engages them every week. It never stops selling for you.

Let us build the perfect email marketing funnel for you with our Done-For-You Email Drip Marketing Funnel.

See How It Works

The SellPersonal Process

Step 1 - Acquisition, Activation or Monetization?

Email content marketing should be used for 1 of 3 purposes. Our Marketers will look at your current email list to determine which of the 3 paths you should choose next.

Step 2 - Create a SMART Goal

Our Marketers will help you craft Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goal.

Step 3 - Interviews &
Offer Creation

Our Editors will interview you to flesh out the goal from step 2 and create a comprehensive content outline to achieve it.

Step 4 - Email Drip Content Creation

Our Editors will create all of the email content for you. We will provide up to 3 rounds of revisions for you to review.

Step 5 - Email Drip Marketing Funnel Build

Our Marketers will build an automated email for you, place the content that we created and segment the list properly.

Step 6 - Launch!

Our Marketers turn on your automated email lead generation machine. During the first full period, our Marketers will optimize the email funnel for you to produce the best results.

Pricing & Benefits

per email drip funnel

The Done-For-You Email Drip Funnel surrounds you with a professional content marketing team that takes you from idea all the way to professionally published email drip marketing funnel.

This includes the following:

1 – 6 Weeks of Email Marketing Drip Content
  • Email positioning and outlining with an experienced email marketing expert
  • Comprehensive interviews to get all your ideas out of your head
  • Email content revisions that incorporate all your own changes
  • Proofreading to correct any minor spelling and grammar mistakes
2 – An Automated Email Drip Marketing Funnel
  • A proven email funnel design by a world-class UX (user-experience) designer
  • A proven email funnel build by a world-class marketing professional
  • Email marketing list segmentation
3 – Email Drip Funnel Launch & Optimization
  • Full coordination of an email drip funnel launch
  • Integration with all of your current CRM technologies
  • 6 weeks of audience measurement
  • 6 weeks of content optimization

Optional Add-Ons

  • Email List Build Using Facebook Ads: $10,000*
  • Email List Build Using LinkedIn Ads: $10,000*
  • Email List Build Landing Page : $3,500

*Price includes $5,000 in digital advertising spend

Let’s talk about your content goals

Our prepackaged products not exactly right for you? Let us tailor a content marketing product for you.

If you’d like us to tailor a custom content marketing package for you or you have more questions, fill out the form on the right or reach out to use directly with the information below.


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