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We Pay You to Support Your Clients!

Get your own support team for $149 per month!
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We provide your clients with an environment (Slack) to ask you questions regarding the work that you completed for them.


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    No More Email

    Never miss a support question from a customer that gets lost in email. We’ll make sure you see it, respond to it and get paid for it.

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    Central Repository for Your Support

    When you’re client says, “No You didn’t!” You can say, “Yes I did!”

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    Earn More Money

    We track all of the support work that you provide down to the second. Now you can justify your worth and even charge more!

Get your own team of sales assistants for $149 per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

  1. You and your client(s) will be invited to our private Slack group.
  2. We will send your client an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for submitting a support request.
  3. When your client submits a request, we will assign a task to you in Asana and inform your client that their support will be handled ASAP.
  4. You will use a program called Toggl to track your time for the client request.
  5. Once the work is completed, we will notify your client.
  6. At the end of each month, we will send you a check for the amount of support that you provided your client.

How can I contact SellPersonal?

To inquire about our services, please schedule a call with us at your convenience here.

Alternatively, you can email us:

If you’re an existing client, please email us at:

Where are you located?

Atlanta but our team is spread all across the world, from New York City to Los Angeles, California from Australia to Philippines, and everywhere in between.

What does $149/month provide access to?

The $149/month fee is the cost of your subscription to SellPersonal Support Team. It is billed once per month and entitles you to 3 hours of work. Your first billed month (your first $149 fee) comes with 5 free hours. You get 3 hours of work per month and the hours roll over each month. You can buy additional hours in packs of 3 at any time.

Your $149/month subscription fee also entitles you to unlimited access to feedback from our CEO—Christien Louviere—as well as access to unlimited coaching calls with our VAs on subjects relating to the optimal use of the VA service.

How does the hourly system work? How do I buy hours?

Hours are pre-paid in increments of 3 hours. These hours DO NOT expire and roll-over.

Hours are only used for tasks you assign, and we allow you to track their time down to the second—there’s no rounding up here, the time we work is the time you pay for.

Why should I pay you to help me support my clients?

There’s nothing more annoying to a freelancer than having to support clients once you’ve completed the work that they requested of you. The upside is minimal and the downside could cause you to lose your client. We make sure that your support stays consistent and timely.

How is my purchased time used?

Your purchased time is used exclusively on your projects.

We track project times down to the second, and show you those times in order to provide complete transparency into our service.

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