Do any of these apply to you?

You’re a successful freelancer or solopreneur.

You need help growing your business.

You spend too much time working IN your business rather than ON your business.

You want to be the best in your industry.

Our group coaching program will transform your business!

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Why Group Coaching

The life of a freelancer or solopreneur can be lonely. It’s hard to become a leader if you don’t have a voice coaching you through the ups and downs.

Leadership creates advantage. Leaders who fail to innovate and change will be replaced by those who do, and organizations that fail to stretch themselves by thinking and acting differently will simply cede opportunity to others who more readily embrace change.

Welcome to SellPersonal Group Coaching. Our group coaching program is engineered to work with freelancers and solopreneurs to deliver immediate and impactful performance gains by creating better leaders, business owners and an accountable support group. We do this by helping our clients stay accountable to the projects in their business that will actually provide a positive return on their investment.

We’ll make change your advantage by helping you be faster, smarter, and more innovative. Let us help you beat your competition to the future.

How SellPersonal Group Coaching Works

Group Details

  • Each coaching group consists of 5 members.
  • Each group is renewed in 3 month intervals.
  • Each group member will receive a $25 Amazon gift card if each group member hits their goals.

Group Coaching Format

  • Calls will focus on how to grow your business using the SellPersonal “Build – Maintain – Automate” process.
    • The process will help you gain clarity on your goals.
    • The process will help you grow you business faster and with more consistency.
    • The process will help you stay accountable so you can focus on your clients.
  • Each call takes place weekly for an hour with your group.
  • Each call takes place on a live video conference where everyone can be seen and heard from anywhere in the world.
  • In addition to coaching during the call, you will benefit from the group dynamic where you will gain accountability, brainstorming and get feedback from other entrepreneurs.


  • All group members will have 24/7 access to the SellPersonal private Slack group where you will be able to network with other entrepreneurs in the SellPersonal membership circle.

How Does Pricing Work?

The investment in our group coaching program is $299 per month. You have 2 options for joining…

  • Join a wait list for the next group of 5;
  • or you can save 17% by bringing your own group to SellPersonal.
Join a Random Group
per month
Bring Your Own Group
per month

How Do I Get Started?

We’re excited to help you grow your personal brand and your business!

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Who We Are

SellPersonal is a coaching practice founded by Christien Louviere. Having worked with tech startups and venture capitalists his whole career, Christien is empathetic to the needs of CEOs, founders and business owners. SellPersonal began as a 1-on-1 coaching practice for the CEOs of growth-stage companies. However, Christien noticed that soloprenerus were still not being served. SellPersonal has now branched out to help solopreneurs and freelancers with a group coaching model.

We know the intensity, focus, and commitment it takes to be a successful solopreneur or freelancer. The SellPersonal team has decades of experience building and selling successful businesses, leading fast-growing organizations, and driving sales and revenue to create industry-leading results. Freelancers and solopreneurs have the grit and determination to win but lack the systems or personal support to grow their businesses. That’s where our group coaching model can help you.