High Performers Hire Christien Louviere to Be Their Personal Brand Coach

I simply love helping others succeed. I am very selective about who I take on as a personal coaching client. I only want to work with high performers that are looking to take the next step in their careers. I know that if we work together, you and/or your business will experience incredible growth. 

Everyone has a personal brand as it is simply a fancy word for “reputation.” My coaching is based on this simple conviction: you can only be the best version of yourself on the outside if your mind is clear on the inside. Everything that we do together will focus on ensuring that your personal brand machine runs smoothly on the inside so that you and/or your business are maximizing it’s full growth potential on the outside.

A few ways that I can help you:

Strategy – Every high performer knows what they need to do to grow and improve. I will help you stay focused and accountable to those methods ensuring that you move quickly, thus grow faster.

Clarity – Every mission-driven person has one primary focus and three other ideas that are constantly consuming mental energy away from their focus causing them to wonder, “Should I or should I not pursue this idea?” I will help you tease out those ideas to make quick decisions about whether or not those ideas will “move the needle” for you and/or your business.

Marketing – If you’re not controlling your message, then everyone else is. I can help you develop your channels, your message, your funnels and your campaigns.

Sales – I can help



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  • “Christien made it a point to learn our business, strategy and goals – he was a true valued partner. I’d recommend him as a business partner any day of the week.”Sara Hassell, VP at Fortune 50 Finance Corporation

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