SellPersonal Newsletter for High Performers Vol. 1.1

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Here is your weekly curation of high performance inspiration…

Learn how how one man befriended some of the most powerful celebrities in the world, one woman gets paid to workout as her side-hustle and how to handle information overload.

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Anyone that is successful knows that the key to success is having strong relationships. If you’re a fan of Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Douglas or a plethora of other pop culture influencers, then Shep Gordon has been the man behind the scenes to help monetize some of the past century’s most celebrated stars. If you’re looking to achieve great things in life, then you should take some Shep’s world and bring it into your own. Check it out at Netflix.


Remember Sinbad? I used to love listening to his comedy and seeing his movies. I’m always impressed with comedians that are able to get their points across clean and witty humor. Comedy is hard enough and trying to keep it clean, in my mind, take it to another level. This is a great listen because it talks about Sinbad’s journey through the military, having Bill Cosby as a mentor and his journey to the top of his profession. Marc Maron always does a superb job of interviewing. You can check out his interview with Sinbad here.



Like you, I get overloaded on information constantly. Evernote is one of those apps I can’t live without and now Pocket has made it’s way onto my list of apps that I can’t live without. Pocket basically creates a custom curated magazine for me to read as time permits. One page in Pocket is for things that I’ve saved and another page is articles that Pocket Recommends for me. That’s it. It’s simple and easy to use. Pocket integrates with just about every publication, content app and mobile platform that I’ve come across. You can read articles on your mobile device or desktop. You can get Pocket at their website.


Ask. Book

Bored with his intense career on Wall Street, Ryan Levesque left his job with a laptop, his college degree and the desire to explain why people buy things. Being in sales, I was very interested in this book. It has a bit of filler material, but it’s easy to jump around and understand the basic psychology that causes us to buy the things that we do. You can get the Kindle version here or get a free hard copy on his website here.


sell_personal money


The biggest financial mistakes that I’ve made over my life are largely due to listening financial advice filled that don’t have actionable advice or real stories attached as to why the writer is giving the advice. Thus, I’m always on the lookout for small steps that I can incorporate into my life that once setup are automated with no additional effort on my part. The Muse is always a great source for this type of advice. Their latest piece has great tips such as saving on gym memberships and never paying retail again.

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Some of My Latest…

SellPersonal Podcast – Meg Crawford

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Meg Crawford is one of my favorite high performers. She’s been the goalie for the National Championship UNC Women’s Soccer team. She’s ran social media for one of the biggest software companies in the world. She combined her gym time and her work time into one by driving a pedicab for a living. She’s a great person to steal a few tidbits from, and you can hear it all on the SellPersonal Podcast Apple iTunes or Android Stitcher.

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