SellPersonal Newsletter for High Performers Vol. 1.3

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Here is your weekly curation of high performance inspiration…

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Movie // Sales // Entertainment

Want to see and hear the stories about possibly one of the coolest jobs on the planet? Want to know what kind of person has the drive to simultaneously, “Paint a painting, write a novel and do their taxes…”? You will meet the most important people in TV and Movies that you’ve never heard of. The show never goes on without Showrunners.

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Listen // Hustle // Startup // Entrepreneur

Ian Campbell is a man of many talents. One of his talents is relentless focus on accomplishing whatever he sets out to do. While you may have heard about some of the sexier software startups in the world such as Facebook, Snapchat or Slack, you (and much of the world) will likely be touching some of Ian’s patented hardware technology within the next 12 months. You can hear it all on the SellPersonal Podcast Apple iTunes or Android Stitcher.


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Technology // Security // Organization

Before LastPass, I probably forgot several passwords at least 10 EFFING times per day! LastPass solves 2 problems for me. 1) It syncs across my browsers and mobile devices seamlessly; and 2) contractors and third parties can easily login to my accounts on my behalf without seeing my login credentials. It’s replaced about 90% of my need to remember any usernames or passwords.

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Book // Adventure // Trailblazer

I love great Non-Fiction that reads like Fiction. If you’ve read anything by Michael Lewis such as his hit Moneyball, then you know what I’m talking about. I listened to the entire Pirate Hunters audiobook in less than 48 hours and have listened to it 3 times since then, including once with my wife because she was into it too. That’s all that needs to be said about this truly unbelievable true story. I recommend hearing the Narrator read it to you.

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Big Brands Buying Influencers // Personal Brand Platform

Last week, I shared an article with you about how to become an Influencer. This week learn about how vital Influencer Marketing is to the future of major brands such as L’Oreal (Michelle Phan above), Macy’s and Adidas. For nearly a decade, people have asked me how Facebook, Twitter and INSERT LATEST TECH COMPANY make money. The answer was all in the data. Now, consumers are not only cashing in on these new platforms but literally creating lifelong careers from them.

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