SellPersonal Newsletter for High Performers Vol. 1.4

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Here is your weekly curation of high performance inspiration…

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Watch // Sales

Many sales professionals consider this the ultimate sales movie because of Alec Baldwin’s Oscar-winning performance. While this is true, I’ve always loved it because the writing and acting are superb. It dissects 6 men that will live and die by the quality of work that they do. While sales is a team sport, at the end of the day only one person takes the fall or gets the glory. Glengarry GlenRoss drives home the point that people will “do what they have to do” to survive and protect the ones that they love. It’s all about prioritizing risk versus reward.

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Listen // Personal Branding // Getting Paid for Your Passion

Kevin Nemeth runs digital marketing for one of the largest cosmetics brands in the world. Directly out of college, he built a website for a small newspaper that thought the Internet was a fad, then he become the first online sports talk show host, helped to rebuild the HSN brand and now works for L’Oreal. Kevin is an amazing person with a wonderful story. You can hear it all on the SellPersonal Podcast Apple iTunesAndroid Stitcher or SoundCloud.


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Technology // Security // Organization

I love books, but screens rules my life. Sometimes my eyes and my brain need a rest. Audible lets me pause, close my eyes and focus on the story. I also like that it syncs with the Kindle version of the book, so I can always read and highlight sections that I need to reference later.

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Read // Life // Purpose

The only way that we feel alive is to create. The War of Art is an easy read with a profound story about how a writer hit rock bottom and the process he created for himself to stay alive. The process he used to fight the demons that live inside of all of us. From living in a car to becoming a famous Hollywood screenwriter, Steven Pressfield’s story has something that anyone can use.

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Listen // Invest Your Time Like Your Money

Nick Saban was the first person to teach me about how to value my time and invest it. I recently heard that message again from Elizabeth Grace Saunders on the Art of Man podcast. Being mindful of my time has been tremendously valuable in helping me stay present in the moment and staying calm under pressure. This listen is worth a 30 minute investment of your time.

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