Is your sales training antiquated?

Does your sales training die the same day it begins?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions then you need SellPersonal Sales Training.

SellPersonal Sales Training is a 3-Step System that helps sales reps build their personal brands, adapt faster to the environment and sell more than your competition.

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    Step 1 – Build (Personal Brand Building Workshop)

    SellPersonal works with your sales team on-site for a 2-day workshop to help them build their personal brands.

    Day 1 is an overview of that lays out the roadmap for the power of a personal brand and how SellPersonal will help them build it.

    Day 2 works with each member of the sales team in small groups to help them build specific components of their personal brand.

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    Step 2 – Maintain (Private Slack Group)

    Most sales training methodologies die the day that they begin.
    SellPersonal actually builds and maintains a
    private Slack group for your sales team.

    We even provide a SellPersonal-trained Community Manager for you that will help route messages from your sales reps to the proper personnel for answers. This allows any followup from the sales reps about the training to easily be communicated in an open environment. Rather than wasting time having one sales rep try to find the answer to something, the entire sales team will be helping each other out.

    Competitive Edge…Our Community Managers are constantly on the lookout for articles and trends related to the prospects that you’re trying to reach to increase sales faster. Your competition is relying on article finding services. We provide a dedicated resource for you that does nothing but route articles into the hands of the people on your sales team that need them.

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    Step 3 – Automate (1 : 1 Technology)

    Sales reps, on average, waste 15 hours per week on CRM data entry and other administrative tasks. 40% of the technology that sales reps use fall outside of the software provided by their employer. SellPersonal will design a program for each individual sales rep to automate their lives, which will increase their productivity and help them close more sales.

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