The Way Professionals Earn Money Has Changed for Good

It’s time for you to change with them

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handcrafted personal platform solutions for sales professionals

sell-personal • adj.

a type of professional that builds a career platform


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From direct SMS sales insights to bespoke personal platform development, SellPersonal will bring your entire personal platform under one roof.


SellPersonal taught me how to build and manage my career platform.

Meg C., Gen-Y, Ad Agency

Christien’s team took the headache out of adapting to the digital world.

Ben L., Baby Boomer, Business Development Consultant

SellPersonal helped me feel confident in my medical school application.

Caitlyn R., Gen-Y, 1st Year Medical Student

SellPersonal manages my personal platform, so I can focus on entertaining.

Emily R., Gen-X, Enterprise Sales Rep

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