VIDEO – Venom

In Personal Branding by Christien Louviere

Hey, everyone. Because of what happened in Orlando over the weekend I want to talk to you about getting the venom out of your body. Bad things are going to happen to us professionally and personally, and you have the option to either let it eat you from the inside, or to get it out. You have three options when it comes to what you can do with that venom. It either eats you on the inside, you get it out and do something negative with it, or you get it out and do something positive with it.
Not psychobabble bullshit. The reason that extremism happens and the reason that careers hit a peak is because of one and two. If something bad happens to you in your career and you let that control you, the world loses and you lose. If something bad happens to you and you let it out towards other people, now it’s a lose/lose, and you’ve made the world worse. You have one option when that venom enters your body. It’s to extract it and put it towards productive work.
Look, when you get bitten you’re going to have the venom in your body. Human emotion is natural. Twenty minutes of reflection, that was very different than twenty years of regret. Venom enters your body next time, extract it, bottle it, and put it towards productive, meaningful work.