About SellPersonal

SellPersonal exists to make the lives of sales professionals better.
SellPersonal is a custom built CRM (customer relationship management) powered by technology but managed by actual people. The SellPersonal Engine is built using the best CRM software technologies available. Technologies such as Pipedrive, Nimble and Salesforce power SellPersonal.
Step 1
Email or Text us a copy of your notes and which contact they’re related to.

Step 2
Your dedicated account manager will update your personal notes for the contact.

Step 3
Your notes will be updated in less than 24 hours.

Step 4
Check your SellPersonal CRM anytime for updated notes and contact information.

As a SellPersonal member, we will proactively make touch point recommendations for you to reach out to your customers. Recommendations are things such as “Thank You” cards, golf outings or simply a Birthday email.

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